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Try to remember the story of the naked sailor to help you recall the correct use of these commonly confused words.

B words and the naked sailor

bare: naked


bear: a large mammal or to carry



bazaar: a fête or sale



bizarre: extremely odd



beach: the strip of land next to the sea


beech: a deciduous tree



berth: a bed or bunk on a ship or train, or a place to moor a boat



birth: being born or coming into existence



board: a flat piece of wood or stiff material, payment for meals or a controlling group



bored: fed up with



born: at birth


borne: carried or put up with



bought: purchased


brought: to have with you



broach: to mention


brooch: a piece of jewellery pinned to clothing

Tom was naked when he got into the shower.

He couldn’t bear to think his brother would not survive the attack by the bear.


It would have been so much safer to go to the village bazaar rather than to walk through the forest.

Nevertheless, it was bizarre to find such animals in a leafy suburb of London.


They should have gone to the beach and played ball on the sand.

Then they could have walked in the shade of the beech trees along the lane.


But his brother only talked of the berth he had booked on the cruise ship and the berth on the riverside where he had moored his dinghy.

Tom, on the other hand, was more interested in finding out about his birth.


He knew his parents had paid for his board and lodging at a local school so he telephoned the chairman of the school board to find out more.

All he remembered about the school was being bored by the dreary lessons.


He knew nothing about where he had been born.

He could have borne not knowing everything if only he could find his mother.


Tom bought her some jewellery to give her when they finally met.

He wrapped the parcel and brought it with him to the restaurant.


She didn’t like to broach the subject that he had promised her a present.

But she was delighted when he gave her the beautiful diamond brooch.